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Using ideas and information to enhance the quality of dialogue, interaction and support for one another, YM adherents (people who believe in YM as a way of living) see opportunities to take and give help from our community and the world at large.

We hope that you find the quality of conversation and ideas uplifting.

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Join a wave of the future!

Volunteer for a cause towards sharing knowledge, teaching children or skilling the workforce. Learn with journal Sunlight includes focuses on children and adults.

Learn of the subtler laws that manifest in better health of body, mind and soul as you discover programs for yourself, train in alternative healing practices and programmes. Our school for positive thinking has many adherents. The journal is Serenity.

Heal the world as the thousands of loving movements do. These are not-for-profits and forward thinking businesses changing slowly and patiently the very fabric of society. Enliven / enjoin causes as these #MovementsInUnison do. The journal Symphony tells their story.

That sums up our “Learn / Heal / Share”. The progression includes Express Love Build and finally YieldMore.

Begun in 2013 as a hobbyist blog by Imran Ali Namazi and a wordpress customization called biblios to publish books etc, today is on the threshold of the world, just where it was meant to be.

Imran, Dec 2018
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From our DNA. Circa 2015

Peacefulness, declutter, deconstruction, quality, decentralize, omission of the negative...

Random Acts of Kindness, Pay it Forward, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Learn, Heal, Share, explore, experience, emote, express, love, build, yieldmore

Inspire, Curate, Promote, Publish
Hi, I'm Imran, finding it harder everyday to put up the good fight!

What good fight? The one that's waged everyday, whose "casualties could be your hearts and souls" DPS.

Ow, Ebert just killed my favourite fantasy story:

You can read more about me at