While the vision of YieldMore.org is vast, its mission is simple - to trigger dialogue and catalyse action.

Inspired in 2013 when I wrote imran.yieldmore.org/dear-brother/, I followed it up in 2020 by stating that we wanted to be a catalyst - imran.yieldmore.org/catalyst/

I have articulated it's spirit at legacy.yieldmore.org/about/ and have a whole gamut of pages at yieldmore.org/sitemap/

This tribe.so community, dormant since the 26th day of March 2021, is now, as of May 2nd 2022, the home for the Manifesting Realms Project with the single minded purpose of achieving the Life Divine here on Earth.

I have written many poems on the subject, and invite you, dear comrade to come breathe fresh perspective and courage into our collective will.