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To discuss Self enquiry for Being and Conscious Living

Rnanubandhana, Karma and Kundalini are dealt with in these 3 books of Robert E Svoboda.

Rnanubandhana is a term derived from Rna 'cosmic debt' and bandhana 'bondage' in this concept, action is not automatically considered as karma.

And of course, Sri Aurobindo goes into Karma extensively in the Problem of Rebirth.
At the core of self enquiry, we need to explore, examine and sometimes even challenge our beliefs.

This book I began to convince my dad that I had a very healthy view of Islam, being after all a pluralist. Maybe when he takes birth again, someone will find it and read it out to him.

Oh father, mother and all you countless souls. Can you not see that I pray daily: "* O Heavenly Father! convert my religion from a name to a principle. Bring all my thoughts and movements into an habitual reference to Thee."
At some stage of enquiry, we realize that all around us is Narayana or Vasudeva.

We lay down our actions to become "a willing servitor of the divine", or as the poem goes:

we've made something special.
Fashioned by our hands, guided by
That divine craftsman who waits patiently
For His designs to become fully wrought.

So we are impelled to strive constantly, waiting for the divine plan or Lila to unfold...

What is self enquiry